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I normally would post my regular template bio but this is going to be different. Its going to be me... and then some. I am that go to person that you go to and forget to leave a tip! But times are changing and so am I. Of course I will always help authors...shh ppl in general but I will put it out there that sometimes you have to pay. With that said I will introduce myself. I am a thinker first. I love the creative mind. Its a window into the world of worlds. I am a writer of small thoughts and a sticky note pad. Then I am a writer for the weird... the out the box thinker even when its so that the out of the box thought lies in the majority. (we fear to reveal it...fear judgment) I am that tortured soul that God is slowly mending and transcending all that hurt me into layers of fluff. The stuff that makes me understand others. Unlike the layers it was before his works. Those layers were walls of hate, animosity and sexuality confusion. I am a mom that comes out when I am to rescue. But needs work on the day to day mom. I am the lover that enjoys the company of the same sex...even without sex. I am that lez best friend that can love you as a woman without over stepping boundaries. I am also that lover of one woman... my wife. I love my kids fathers just not from a different stand point. They were less of dads but it made me a learning mom!. So all of this creates an author that can melt feelings and personality into my characters. I am the character builder...that is my book's strengths. I am always wondering WHO ARE YOU?